Washington Post: Lifting sanctions will help Sudan’s leaders. What about everyone else?

By Tom Catena On most days, I don’t feel as though the daily debates or the deadlines set in Washington affect me much. Who’s up and who’s down, and who tweeted

Dr. Tom is a finalist for the Aurora Prize

CARING FOR THOUSANDS IN A FORGOTTEN WAR As the sole doctor permanently based in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains, home to 750,000 people, Dr. Tom Catena has worked around the clock to

Everything to know about sanctions in Sudan

Shortly before leaving office, President Obama announced a plan to ease sanctions against Sudan, citing “improvements” in key areas, such as humanitarian access and counterterrorism. The international human rights community

Dr. Tom named Maria Shriver’s Architect of Change

Dr. Tom was chosen by Maria Shriver as this week’s Architect of Change, which profiles leaders who inspire others to make a difference. In the interview, Dr. Tom speaks about

To see Dr. Tom Catena, many of his patients travel for days on foot, in carts, or often cradled in their mother’s arms. Welcome to the Nuba Mountains of Sudan,

“People are for the most part decent and want to do the right thing,” says Adotei Akwei. He should know. As the Managing Director for Government Relations at Amnesty International