The Film That Became a Movement

“…a moving and remarkable story”
New York Times
“…gripping, inspiring documentary.”
Los Angeles Times
“……as inspiring as it gets.”
Hollywood Reporter
“…praiseworthy, almost Nobel Prize praiseworthy.”
Film Week, NPR

Saving Lives in Sudan

When President Omar Al-Bashir ordered the relentless bombing of the citizens of his own country in the Nuba mountains of Sudan, Dr. Tom Catena was on the ground, one doctor serving 700,000 patients. When a ceasefire was agreed to and the bombing stopped, Dr. Tom stayed, to serve the people who have put their faith and their hope in him.

Telling the Story

A college friend of Dr. Tom’s, filmmaker Kenneth A. Carlson navigated armed militia in Sudan to tell the story. Internationally acclaimed and award-winning, The Heart of Nuba, is now available through Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Sony, Xbox and in public libraries via Hoopla. It has raised more than $600,000 for medicine, vaccinations, supplies and crucial training of Sudanese staff to support Dr. Tom’s critical, life-saving work. 

Recent News:

Special Screening of The Heart of Nuba in Yerevan, Armenia

The Heart of Nuba screened at the 2019 Impact Humanity Television and Film Festival in Yerevan, Armenia in October. The film festival is produced under the umbrella of the Aurora Foundation.  The Heart of Nuba received a ten minute standing ovation, and...

Golf Event Raises more than $100,000 for Mother of Mercy Hospital

Steve Kettelberger, President of Blue Rock Construction in Philadelphia, and Dr. Tom first met while playing football at Brown University. In 2014, Steve joined Dr. Tom at the National Football Foundation Annual Awards Dinner where Dr. Tom was awarded the...

Nicholas Kristof: These Are Stories That Still Touch Me

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof travels around the U.S. and the world, shedding light on crises and unsung heroes. After 35 years at the Times, he compiled some of the work that is still particularly meaningful to him. Amid touching stories of...

Tom Catena in Fresno, CA for Aurora Prize Tour

In addition to caring for the people of the Nuba Mountains, this year, as the Aurora Prize Initiative Chair, Dr. Tom has been traveling and speaking about the Mother of Mercy Hospital and the Aurora Prize, conveying what the prize meant to him, and...

Dr. James Peck on Volunteering at Mother of Mercy Hospital

One of the gifts that has made it possible for Dr. Tom to travel and inspire others is having new doctors and  surgeons do volunteer stints at Mother of Mercy Hospital, arranged through the long-term supporters of Mother of Mercy at the Catholic Medical...

America Magazine: Dr. Tom in the Role of Religion in his Work

In a moving first-person article for America Magazine, Dr. Tom Catena talks about his work at Mother of Mercy Hospital, and the role that his religion has played in his decision to stay when others were evacuating, and how he deals with the pain and...

The Heart of Nuba Awarded at Cinema for Peace in Berlin

On Februrary 11 The Heart of Nuba was honored with the Most Valuable Documentary Award at Cinema for Peace in Berlin on February 11. Katrina Carlson performed the film’s song “Bloom” for the audience. As an extra blessing, Dr. Tom was able to join us and...