For the past five-and-a-half years, Dr. Tom and his team have logged every war-related injury and fatality to come through the doors of Mother of Mercy Hospital. Watch the short video…

ICN Film Feature: The Heart of Nuba

 At six o’clock each morning an American doctor makes his way through the dark to a simple chapel where he spends half an hour, rosary in hand, enlisting God’s support

Dr. Tom named Maria Shriver’s Architect of Change

Dr. Tom was chosen by Maria Shriver as this week’s Architect of Change, which profiles leaders who inspire others to make a difference. In the interview, Dr. Tom speaks about

The Heart of Nuba will be screened on all seven continents beginning this week in observance of the United Nations Genocide Prevention Day on December 9 and Human Rights Day

Brown Alumni Magazine: A Life In War

A Life In War By Beena Sarwar ’86 Filmmaker Ken Carlson ’86, who has produced such television shows as America’s Most Wanted and Lost, stepped into a different world with