Enough Project


Amnesty International


Sudan Sunrise and Kush State University. and


The MagkaSama Project


Operation Broken Silence



Act For Sudan

Organizational members of Act for Sudan currently include:

African Soul, American Heart; Americans Against the Darfur Genocide; American Friends Service Committee; Beja Congress, Greater Washington D.C. Chapter; Brooklyn Coalition for Darfur; Change the world. It just takes cents.; Colorado Coalition for Genocide Awareness and Action; Connecticut Coalition to Save Darfur; Darfur Action Group of South Carolina; Darfur and Beyond; Darfur Interfaith Network; Darfur People’s Association of New York; Dear Sudan, Love Marin; Essex County Coalition for Darfur; Genocide No More – Save Darfur of Redding, CA; Human Rights & Advocacy Network for Democracy (HAND); Iowa Center for Genocide Prevention; Investors Against Genocide; Idaho Darfur Coalition; Jewish World Watch; Jews Against Genocide; Joining Our Voices; Lane County Darfur Coalition; Massachusetts Coalition to Save Darfur; Never Again Coalition; New York Darfur Vigil Group; New York Coalition for Darfur and All Sudan; Nuba Mountain Peace Coalition; Nuba Mountains Advocacy Group, USA; Nuba Mountains American Advocacy Group; One Million Bones; Orange County For Darfur; Our Humanity in the Balance; Persecution Project Foundation; San Francisco Bay Area Darfur Coalition; Save Darfur Washington State; Society for Threatened People; Stop Genocide Now; Sudan Advocacy Action Forum; Sudan Freedom Walk; Sudan Human Rights Network; Sudan Unlimited; The Institute on Religion & Democracy’s Church Alliance for a New Sudan; THE INSTITUTE on Religion and Public Policy; Use Your Voice to Stop Genocide RI; Voices for Sudan; and World Without Genocide.