Dr. Tom Catena,

On your birthday, we are thinking of you and thanking you for all you do for your
fellow man.

We hope your birthday is full of joy and celebration of a truly remarkable man.
We love you.

Kenneth A. Carlson, Bonnie Abaunza, Jessica Barker, Mary Wald

Marie Cécile
Therese Portman
Shannon Ellis
Mike Stypula
Neal Monagle
Graciela Sepúlveda
Amber Baia
Iman Abugarga
Ohrstedt González Family
Susan Gavin Lant
Elizabeth Magliocca
Lisa McCoy
Jody, Craig and Isabella
Barry and Mary Lynn Rouse
Craig and Heidi Johnson
Martha Boshnick, "Happy Birthday Dr. Catena! You are an angel on earth!!"
Melinda Trippodo, "Happy Birthday TOM!"
Ed Rush
Bettina-Karl Schmaeh, "Happy Birthday"
Kathy Tebbett, "Happiest of Birthdays xoxo"
Susan Baia-Phillips
Darlene Spagnola Slezak
Bilal Hassan Aboujih, "Happy birthday"
EB Weiss, "Happy Nubirthday!"
Sandra Lauriello, "Happy Birthday. Enjoy Your Special Day"
Candace Yvette Mayo, "Happy Birthday You are a Blessing Sir! Many Many more to come."
Debbie Dake, "Happy birthday Dr Tom, and many happy returns of the day. May this year bring you great joy and many blessings, from Broadalbin NY"
Donna Haupt, "Happy Birthday Dr. Catena. May God Bless You!"
Donna Carter Panzl, "Happy Birthday Tom! Bless you for your amazing work."
Roberta Nicoletti Wentworth, "Happy Birthday and God bless you"
Dorcas Herrington, "Happy Birthday Tom! May God bless you for all you do!"
Brian Sykes, "Happy Birthday, Dr. Tom."
Mary A DelSanto, "Happy Birthday to my classmate. You are amazing for all you have done and sacrificed...."
Theresa Rosa Van Dessel, "God bless you!"
Lisa Cano, "Happy Birthday Dr. Tom Catena! I will be dedicating this coming Sunday Mass for you! ✝️ God bless you! 🙏🏼🕊"
Allison Busseno, "Allison DeGroff. Happy Birthday Tom!"
Joanne Rusnica, "Happy birthday Tom! We just saw "The Heart of Nuba" today. You are truly a gift from God. Blessings to you & your wife and to the people of the Nuba Mts. XOXOXOXO from the Janeski Family!"
Paula Tambasco, "Happy Birthday Dr. Tom!!! God Bless you !"
Rachel Michel, "Happy birthday Dr Tom!! Keep up the great work! From a nurse in Fort Worth that thinks you're amazing!"
Paula Hawkins, "Happy birthday! May your day be as special as you are!"
Sharon Brooks, "Happy Birthday, Tom."
Fiona Sanders, "Happy birthday Tom"
Connie Morreale Zevola, "Happy Birthday!!"
Kimberly Becker, "Happy Birthday Dr. Tom! Thank you for all you do!"
Mary Chapman, "Happy Birthday Tom!!! Much love to you across the miles!!!"
Cecelia B. Hart, "Happy Birthday, Dr. Tom Catena! Thank you for being you!"
Bridget Polidore, "Happy birthday! Thanks for the inspiration and God bless your work !"
Beryl Smile Teitelbaum, "Love this man!"
Darlene Elizabeth, "Happy Birthday, Tom. You are truly an inspiration. May God Bless you and all you surround !"
Tracy Pepe, "Happy Birthday Tom Catena! May God watch over you all!"
Pam Duffy, "Happy Birthday Tom!! Bob and I just saw your Movie. May God Bless and Protect you and your people. We Love You 🎂🎁🎈❤"
Bob "Duff" Duffy, "Happy Birthday my Friend...!! Be safe, we all love you...you are something else.."
Lou and Linda Noto, "Happy Birthday!"
Marge Hanna, "Happy Birthday Dr. Tom! May God bless you all"
Carla Ciotto Kolbe, "Happy birthday Tom! You are so very special!"
Eweillar Scoubs, "Happy birthday Dr."
Barbara Gay Falzarine, "Happy Birthday Dr.Tom! 🎉🎂💐"
Vick Kandiah, "Happy Birthday and best wishes"
Jeanne Scarcella, "Happy birthday Tom!❤️🎉🙏"
Dana Foss, "Happy Birthday Dr Tom!🙏"
Annette Kinne, "Happy Birthday Tom!!! We love and miss you! Wishing you health, peace and happiness always!❤️❤️❤️"
Tom DiMezza, "Happy birthday Dr.Tom."
Yolanda Solano Juttner, "Happy birthday Tom Catena! Have a great one."
Lisa Vigliotti Liverio, "Happy Birthday, Dr. Tom! 🙏🏼"
Andrea Mercadante, "Happy Birthday Tom! Just saw Heart of Nuba tonight and am just amazed at the work you are doing!!"
Carolyn Rhodes Johnson, "Happy Birthday Dr. Tom!"
Brenda Sheckton, "Happy birthday Dr.Tom..🙏🏼🎂🎉🎂🙏🏼❤️"
Rhonda Cozart Rhonda, "Happy Birthday Tom! Blessings!"
Cathy & John Daniel
Nancy Dawod, "Happy birthday Dr. Tom! So thankful for all you do. God bless!!"
Josephine Lobalu, "Wish you a Happy birthday"
Giampietro Catena, "God bless you Tom! I am proud of you and your work. Happy birthday!"
Ismail Kardoly, "Happy birthday Dr. Tom, Thank you."
Eileen Guarino, "Happy Birthday Tom. God Bless you and your wife."
Terri Sasso Lalla, "Happy Birthday Dr Tom!🎂 God Bless you and keep you safe.😇"
Carolyn G Basinger, "Happy Birthday Tom, so very proud of you🙏🎂🎂🎂🙏🏈🏈"
Mary Lynn Archinal Rouse, "Happy Birthday Dr. Tom!"
Khalid Gindeel, "Welcome the son of Nuba. Happy birthday"
Bonnie Abaunza, "Feliz cumpleaños! Thank you for everything you do for the people of the Nuba Mountains. You truly inspire me."
John Feehrer, "Happy Birthday Tom!"
Connie Rieder
Francis Kome, "Happy Birthday Dr. Tom Catena"
Nadir Osman, "Happy birthday. Live long the heart of marginalised nuba people ...."
Natambe Jaru, "Happy birthday Dr. Tom, the heart of Nuba Mountains.. God bless you!!"
Samah Mubarak, "Happy birthday my hero , wish you all happiness , with my pure love .."
Abdallah Elnayer, "100 candles!!!!!! Dr. Tom"
Haroun Suliman, "Happy birthday to you Dr. Tom Catena May God almighty richly bless you and your protect your mission, dreams purpose. You’re a great missionary man of God I ever see"
John Clapton, "Greetings from 30+ families of Nuba people at Holy Cross Anglican Church in Perth Western Australia. They all know you and love you."
Walter Kiwuwa, "Happy birthday Dr Tom. What a big heart you have... God bless you more years to come."
Ngaluku Lukulu Benedict, "Happy birthday doctor and may you live long to save the forgotten region."
Kalthoum Fadlalla Ali, "Happy birth day Dr. Humanity"
Omer Riglah, "Happy birthday"
Daniel Ohide
Kaka Konda, "Happy Birthday..... All blessings from God"
Manal Mohammoud Manal
Malaz Saif, "Happiest Birthday Dr.Tom"
Kotay Ali, "H_B_D"
Laura Iwan, "Have a very blessed birthday, Dr. Tom. Laura Iwan from Amsterdam, NY"
Fifi Saeed, "Happy birthday Dr Tom - may all your dreams come true"
Robin Ali Mohamed, "May the Lord bless you, happy birthday."
Dave Lewis, "Happy Birthday, you are doing a remarkable and inspirational thing. I hope you have a good day, God bless you."
Tata Mnoyan, "Happy Birthday, Dr. Tom!"
Angela Slezak, "You are a beautiful person, Have a great birthday!"
Marialana DeRossi, "Happy Birthday, Tom! Enjoy your special day. The De Rossi family in Amsterdam, NY <3"
Afkar Nasser, "Happy birthday to you Dr"
Mohammed Kurtokaila, "Long live Dr. Tom"
Imad Awduon, "Hbd"
Hayat Elfil, "Happy birthday our brave hero. Much love. One of my dreams is to join you on a voluntary mission. Stay blessed ❤️"
Linda Aldi, "A Very Happy Birthday to you Dr Tom !!!"
BJ Price, "One doctor and one hospital . Happy birthday and live 100+ long.struggling continue"
Pam Elston, "Happy Birthday Dr Tom have a very special day. May the Lord continue to bless you with wonderful work you are doing bless you."
Rabi Talo Uda Nura
Angela & Eric Neuls, "Happy birthday, Tom! You're truly an admirable man. May the good Lord keep you safe as you continue your work. Have a wonderful birthday!"
Hammad Khamise, "Happy Birthday to you"
Karen Janeski Myers, Amsterdam, NY & Medway MA, "Happy Birthday Dr. Tom! You are an inspiration. God bless you."
Sami Tamim from Sudan, "happy birthday doctor Tom 🙂 we love you"
Tony Condello, "Happy Birthday Dr. Tom!"
Dottie Brown, "Happy Birthday Dr Tom!"
Nizar Ali, " h b d"
Angela Mary Fedullo, "Happy Birthday Dr. Tom! God bless!"
Dawn Bellinger-Platt, "Happy Birthday to an amazing man, whom I am proud to call a friend. You always had a kind heart, a beautiful smile and soul💖"
يوئيل دينأر, "Happy birthday dr🎂🍿🍔"
Peg Gilligan Bartles, "Happy Birthday Tom! You are truly blessed!"
Veronica Motyl, "Have a great Birthday Tom🙂"
Paula Odom, "Happy Birthday Dr. Tom!"
"HBD Doctor .. و ان شاء الله يوم شكرك ما يجي . يا زول يا عديل يا انسان .." ,Mudather Ahmed
Gabriella Mansi Rodriguez, "You’re a hero dr. Tom!"
Mary A Herrick-Sherlock, "Thank you for all you do...Happy Birthday Tom!..."
Judi Phillips, "Watched your film and felt such sorrow. How could the world let bombings happen to extinguish a race???? Thank you Dr Tom for caring so much. Judi Phillips Amsterdam NY"
Lynette Goins, "Happy birthday!!"
Marie Rhodes, "Happy Birthday !!"
Sharon Woods, "happy birthday to an amazing man."
Susan Tendo Ssozi, "Happiest birthday Dr Tom. Prayers for u always...many more blessings befalling us way."
Faith J. Hooper McDonnell, "Happy birthday, Dr Tom! Thank you for laying down your life everyday for the beautiful Nuba. I know that you are a humble servant of God, but the rest of us are going to Shout your good works from the rooftops and give the glory to God for creating you for such a time as this."
Albert Turo, "Happy birthday Dr. Tom!"
Akouni Kuku Jacob, "H B D dr: Tom. Best off luck N my God bless you in whatever you do. Thank you Tom"
Mohamed Kafie, "Happy birthday Dr Tom. U have been wonderful person into nuba people lives"
Don Dybas, "Happy birthday Dr Tom !!!"
Mhairi Steenbock, "Happy birthday!"
Nora Seroussi, "Happy Birthday Dr. Tom. Bless you!"
Barbara Wheeler, "Happy Birthday Dr. Tom ♥️🌎☀️"
Elina Petrova, "Happy birthday, dear Dr. Tom!💗🌿🕊️"
Susan Kelsey, "God bless you Dr. Tom. You are a Saint. ❤️🙏🏻"
Cindy Palmieri Martuscello
Michele Tomlinson, "God Blessed the day you were born & May He Bless everyday after. So enjoyed your story that us Amsterdamians were fortunate in being able to view! You restore faith in a world where it sometimes appears absent"
Eunice Mshelia, "Happy birthday Dr Tom"
Maria Mam, "Bless the day your beautiful soul came to this world. Happy birthday 🌷"
Maya Swinehart, "Happy Happy Birthday Dr. Tom. The world is brighter and warmer for your presence here."
Randy Miller, "Happy Birthday Dr. Tom - You are an inspiration to us all !"
Layna Maher, "Happy Birthday wishes from Fonda, NY. You are truly one of God's bright lights in the world."
Sue Bonadonna, "Happy birthday! Saw your film, heartbreaking and inspiring. Thanks for your commitment. Sue, family doc in the Bronx. ( Brown, 1985)"
Pamela Slezak Hawley, "Happy BIRTHDAY tom...God bless you"

Rebecca Hogan
Lynette Greco Turo, "Happy birthday Tom! Keep up the wonderful work you are doing and stay safe!!!"
Rahib Abuzaid, "Happy Birthday D.Tom God bless you"
Dena Ennis, "Happy Birthday Dr. T!"
Michayla DiCaprio, "Happy birthday!"
Tombor Kodi, "Happy birthday to you Dr. Tom as we are celebrating your birthday we remember your sufferings with your people in Nuba Mountains and I'm one of them may God bless you you abundantly and bless your ministry let me share this verse with you :" For ! God is not unjust to forget your work and labor of love which you have shown toward His name, in that you have ministered to the Saints, and do minister. "
Shelly Janeski, "Happy Birthday Dr. Tom ! A True Hero Indeed 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👌"
Grace Bylebyl, "Happy Birthday Dr Catena you deserve the very best many thanks for your devotions hard work"
Residents of the Sarah Jane Sanford Home
Rick Vertucci, "The Big 10 we live again! God Bless you Tom! Always in my ❤️"
Ahmed Saeed, "Happy birhday"
Darlene Ross, "Happy birthday Dr . Tom!!!!"
Emile Girgis, "Happy Birthday"
Elizabeth McLarney, "Happy Birthday!! May God bless you and all the work you do."
Fadul Haimad, "Happy birthday Tom,Thanks for keep up a good work for our people."
Tawonga Mbara, "Happy birthday Doc"
Lacere Anthony, "Happy birthday Dr. Tom"
Adot Yell Nguor
Babiker Neweiri, "Happy Birthday Dr Tom God bless you you are inspiration to us and you brightened our mountains ."
Musab Abdelkarim, "Happy birthday to you Dr Tom"
SAMIA khamis, "Happy. Birthday. Dr tom"
Joan Small Western
Paula Purtell, "Hometown hero! Stay safe and HBD!"
Regiens Barker
Tammy Torrence, "Happppppppppppy bday sorry I just saw this blessing u each and everyday"
Michele Montagnino, "Happy Birthday Dr Tom🎂🎁🍫🎉💵🍕🍷🍨❤️🎈🙏🏻🎈❤️"
Carol Buddles, "Happy Birthday !!!! You Sir are a gift to the world !!!!!"
Cathy & Tim Skowronek, "Happy Birthday Tom! God Bless..."
Mubarak Ardol, "Happy birthday dear Dr Tom"
Ahmed Komey, "HB"
Ibrahim Mania, "Happy brith day all Nuba providers Dr Tom"
Lesley Lanzi, "Happy birthday and blessings to you Tom on your birthday and always !🎂🎈❤️"
Michele Ackerman Bauer, "Just saw your movie. God bless you and the work that you do, and happy birthday."
Kim Turo, "Happy Birthday Tom!!!"
AnnMaria Baldine, "Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. May God continue to bless and protect you."
Amy Barker Malagamba, "Happy birthday, Tom!"
Mark Robertshaw, "Happy Birthday, Tom!"
Julie Weiss, "happy birthday Dr. Catena, God bless you"
Jenny Mackenzie, "Happy birthday to a remarkable human."
Mary Pikul, "Happy Birthday, Dr. Tom! May God bless you for all the work you do for the Nuba people! You surely have a reserved spot in Heaven!"
Judy Adamchick, "Happy Birthday, Dr. Tom! Besides being a true inspiration, you are making Amsterdam proud! May God continue to bless you and all of the work you do!!"
Sarah McDermott, "Happy birthday Dr Tom! Many thoughts and blessings sent your way!!"
Kathy Coates, "Happy Birthday,Dr.Tom!!! May god bless you 🙏"
Mark Miller, "Happy birthday Doc. I have a memory of a train set in your basement. lol Have a great day."
Sally Brown Killgore, "May God’s abundant blessings rain down on you and all your beloved friends and family. You remind us that we are all connected by our humanity."
Karen Auricchio, "Have the happiest of birthdays Dr Tom! Your hometown couldn’t be prouder to call you one of our own. God Bless you!"
Gail Ann Alikonis Fallova, "Happy Birthday"
Rae and Bruce Tobey, Happy Birthday, Dr. Tom!
Ric "Rocc" Roccapriore, Happy Birthday!!!!
Gino Panaro, Happy Birthday Dr. Tom! Enjoy your birthday!
Mark S. Peterson
Happy Birthday from the team at Humanity United!
Jim and Karen Houghton
Eric Arnold would love to wish Catman a Happy Birthday
Jamie Carmichael
Julie Johnston
Rich 'Chief" Collett - You are one of my heroes Catman!
Apri Vartanian Happy Birthday!
Steve Kettelberger, Happy Birthday my brother. We love you and will never stop supporting you.
Patrick Mullin, Happy Birthday Dr. Tom, May you be filled with all the Love, Peace and Joy your heart can hold.
Lazim Suleiman Elbasha
Gortel Elnamli
Andy Miller
Mireya Marugan
Michele and Vincent Giaimo
Ernie Prudente
Lauren Fortgangand the Never Again Coalition in Portland, OR.
Bethany Farag
Chris Good
Tricia Davis
Jamela Anne B. Villacorte
David and Tina Segel
Tom Klaff
Mona Hougton
Deborah Seme Bingham '86 Happy Birthday Tom1
Paul Gallagher, Brown '86
Former US Congressman Frank Wolf
Pat Shoulvlin, Praying for you brother! God bless.
Christina Fernandez-Carol '86
Liz Conklin, Happy Birthday!
Gabriella Mansi Rodrigues
TK Wong
John and Patricia Hoying, Thanks for all the great humanitarian services you have given. You have inspired my wife and I to go on a mission trip to Africa through CMMB.
A. Miyamura, Happy Birthday to MD Tom from Japan
Mick Ebeling, Caskey Ebeling
Russell Fill Happy Birthday Tom Thank you for all your effortst. You'll be in my prayers.
Morgan Elnur, Happy birthday Dr. Tom Catena, may you live to blow thousand candles. Merghani Adam
CJ Chjolund, Happy Birthday Tom. Chuck and Joan Lundeen with the Carlson's here at Royal Oaks
Steven Fern, M.D. Happy Birthday Tom
Joseph Amodio, Happy Birthday Dr. Tom!! Your story -- and this documentary -- stay with me, week after week, month after month, continuing to inspire.
Sr. Nancy Usselmann, Birthday blessings!
Kaludia Cios and Jaehoon Kim, Thanks!
Kerry Brandwie, Happy Birthday Tom!
John and Jessica Catena
Virginia Crane, Best wishes!
Betsy Pearce, Thank for you for all the previous work that you do!
Linda and Jim Overman, Wishes for continued greatness
Susan Nevens
Rev. Robert Carlson
Olivia Wells
The team at the MagkaSama Project and our members would like to send their best wishes to Dr. Tom Catena.
Janet McElligott, Hi Happy birthday!
Lynn Rosenthal, Hapy Birthday Tom! 🙂
Lucienne Soleymani, Happy birthday Dr. Tom
Keith Clarke, Happy B Day Dr. Tom. You're an inspiration to so many and your work enriches those who hear about, see and come in contact with you on a daily basis. May you and your local Nuba community stay safe and be a beacon for others.
Cathy O'Neill
Stephen Purvis
Eric Cohen, Happy birthday, Tom!
Caroline (Baroness) Cox
Jeff Werner
Ken Miller
Jack Armstrong, My heartfelt best wishes and blessings in Christ for Dr. Tom's Birthday!
Laurie Reeder
Catherine Orr, Cooridnataor Roundtable Association of Catholic Diocesan Social Action Directors Many blessings.
Dr. Eisa Nael, a very Happy Birthday
Graciela Sepúlveda Muchas gracias por la oportunidad de felicitar al querido Dr. Tom. Bendiciones.
Larry and Gayle Lisman
Bear Barnes
Susan Baer
Vincent Badolato
Jennifer Wagner
George Reilly, Happy birthday Dat. Keep fighting the good fight!
Youman Khalid, Happy birthday to you and may God bless you with more years in life and keep you. Thank you so much. Your brother in Christ.
Kathy Tebbett
Mark Kachmer, Happy Birthday Catman. God Bless.
Jonathan Roumie
Janine Cooper
Laura Manni
Mark Weinberg
Moses Graubard, MD
Ron Schmidt, Happy Birthday Dr. Tom! Many blessings to you and for the work that you do.
Erica Messer
Trish Sullivan-Rothberg
Clayton Frech and Bahar Soomekh 
Mohamed Y. Khalifa
Katrina Carlson, Wishing you a wonderful birthday, Tom!
Mike Antosca, You're always in my prayers, Catman! I'm so proud to be your friend.
Allison Gushee Molkenthin
Maureen Cruz, Happy birthday, and thank you for all you do!
Peter Keough, Happy Birthday!
Jessica Barker
Jefferson Denim, Happy b'day Dr. Tom!
Marilyn Gradwell
Kocho Adam Ali, Thank you for the amazing work you people are doing.
Trevor Mundt
Colin Crowley and family
Raga Gibreel, Green Kordofan, Tom, sending you loads of love. Best wishes. Thank you.
Margaret Nagle, Happy Birthday Dr. Tom. You inspire us all. Thank you for all you do.
Haid Boyadjian
Andrew and Sabina Soloway
Tiffany Delozier