“…a moving and remarkable story”
New York Times
“…gripping, inspiring documentary.”
Los Angeles Times
“……as inspiring as it gets.”
Hollywood Reporter
“…praiseworthy, almost Nobel Prize praiseworthy.”
Film Week, NPR
Welcome to the war-torn Nuba Mountains of Sudan, where American doctor Tom Catena selflessly and courageously serves the needs of a forgotten people, as the region is bombed relentlessly by an indicted war criminal, Omar Al-Bashir.

Two things remain constant: Dr. Tom’s faith and his enduring love for the Nuba people.

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Find out how we are navigating armed militia, washed out roads and more to get supplies to Dr. Tom and the Mother of Mercy hospital, including life-saving nutrition, vaccines and syringes.

100% of your donations goes to the hospital, helping Dr. Tom to save lives in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan.