“What the documentary crew does is praiseworthy, almost Nobel Prize praiseworthy. They go right into the middle of a war zone.”

Film Week, NPR April 20, 2018

Roger’s Movie Nation

“Not every deserving person can win the Nobel Peace Prize…It seems the least society can do to honor them and shine a light on their good deeds is produce a good documentary about them.”

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Lyon’s Den Review

The Lyons Den Radio show on 91.5 FM radio in Las Vegas, Nevada, aired a review of The Heart of Nuba for its listeners. To hear click on the audio file below: THE HEART OF...

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Cheddar Interview with Director Kenneth A. Carlson

Cheddar is a "live and on demand video news network focused on covering the most innovative products, technologies, and services transforming our lives".  Broadcast daily from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, with exclusive CEO and founder...

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