“What the documentary crew does is praiseworthy, almost Nobel Prize praiseworthy. They go right into the middle of a war zone.”

Film Week, NPR April 20, 2018

ICN Film Feature: The Heart of Nuba

 At six o'clock each morning an American doctor makes his way through the dark to a simple chapel where he spends half an hour, rosary in hand, enlisting God's support for the day ahead. He is Dr Tom Catena, and he is the only surgeon in the...

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Brown Alumni Magazine: A Life In War

“Never did I think… that he’d have the wherewithal to grab the camera out of his desk drawer when he heard incoming Sukhois and shoot some of the most harrowing footage of the film!”

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Kristof: Dr. Tom Among Worst Paid Doctors in the World

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof in an op-ed on November 14, 2015: "Dr. Tom, as he is known, battles leprosy, delivers babies and amputates arms of kids hit by shrapnel. He pulls maggots out of burn wounds and struggles to get United...

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