My Friends,
It’s not often that watching a movie can save lives. But between now and early May, 2018, it can.

As you know, Dr. Tom Catena and the Mother of Mercy Hospital in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan are providing the only medical care available in a region of nearly 1 million inhabitants. The hospital provides basic medical services, nutrition, and critical, life saving care for the men, women and children, even infants, gravely injured by their own government’s attacks on their lives.

We are proud that The Heart of Nuba has played a role in raising awareness of these atrocities and helping to bring critically needed supplies to Mother of Mercy Hospital.

After making the film, my wife and I established the Take Heart Foundation, establishing a non-profit structure to support the hospital and Dr. Tom’s vital work. I am happy to tell you that to date we have raised more than $300,000 for the hospital.

Today three factors have come together to open a window for the Mother of Mercy Hospital, one through which we can save countless lives — if we act while the window is open.

  • The Heart of Nuba is approaching its theatrical release, in April 8 in New York, followed by select cities starting April 13.
  • The Government of Sudan has halted the bombing of civilians in the Nuba Mountains — for the moment. While this is heartening, we must also point out that they could on a whim begin again. A cease fire in 2002 lasted only six months.
  • The rainy season begins in May in the Nuba Mountains. Roads will wash out and become impassable.

For the moment, we have a window of just about six weeks to get medical supplies and nutrition in to the Mother of Mercy hospital and help Dr. Tom save lives.

There are crucial actions you can take to help make this happen:

  • Support the release of the film. Click here to find out if The Heart of Nuba is coming to your city. Share on your social media and spread the word. The more people see Dr. Tom’s invaluable work, the more support we can build.
  • If it is not yet coming to you, you could help arrange a special premiere of The Heart of Nuba in your city, to not only raise awareness of the film but to help us get supplies in through this window. We have some generous donors who are willing to donate at least $1 to Mother of Mercy Hospital, through the Take Heart Foundation, for every ticket sold at these special screenings; in some cases, even more. Every cent donated will go to supplies for Dr. Tom and the hospital, or to help him pay the Sudanese staff who are working tirelessly to support him. 
  • To get these supplies through, we MUST keep the pressure on the Sudanese government to allow them through. See how you can do this below.

We had a similar drive last year before the rainy season, when a truck of supplies bound for Mother of Mercy was hijacked. With the generous support of people like you, we were able to send it a new truck with even more supplies than the original truck — and get it through before the roads closed for the rainy season.

It’s not every day we are presented with an opportunity to do something that goes 100% on the ground to save lives. This is a very special six weeks. We hope you will join the team!

With my warmest regards,

Kenneth A. Carlson






1. Organize. 

The Heart of Nuba opens in New York April 6 at Village East Cinema, and Columbus, OH April 27 at Gateway Film Center. More cities are being added.

If The Heart of Nuba is coming to your city or region, get on the phone and email and let your friends and colleagues know about this incredible story.

If it is not yet coming to your region, and you would like to put together a group to see The Heart of Nuba,, you can help set up a screening/fund raiser for the film in your city or with your group.

Email us here to set up a screening/fund raiser.

2. Sponsor a Screening

When people see The Heart of Nuba, they help. The come home and talk to their friends about it. They talk about it on social media. Screenings help to spread the word and build support for Dr. Tom exponentially.

You can help make our special screenings/fund raisers successful by pledging $1 or more per ticket sold for a screening near you.

Contact us today to make your pledge!

3. Donate

Help us organize trucks of supplies in to Mother of Mercy Hospital before the rainy season starts.

100% of what you donate today will go to supplies and to help Dr. Tom pay his crucial Sudanese staff.


5. Share, share and share.

Please post to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to help create a life saving push to support Dr. Tom. Use the assets below to post.

Click on the images below and select the one you would like to share. When the image opens, click on the icon(s) at the top of the image to share to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or media pages.

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