Film Updates

Follow us as the world discovers Tom Catena and The Heart of Nuba.

Theatrical release announced

We are pleased to announced that The Heart of Nuba is being released theatrically on April 6, 2018. It will be released in New York with more to follow. Check back on web site for information or join our mailing list to stay updated.

NCAA: Ken Carlson–Goals, gumption and grit

Playing football at Brown taught filmmaker how to lead For Ken Carlson, the journey to an award-winning career making films began on the gridiron playing defense in high school. Carlson grew up a small town in north central Ohio. The son of a minister father and a...

ICN Film Feature: The Heart of Nuba

 At six o'clock each morning an American doctor makes his way through the dark to a simple chapel where he spends half an hour, rosary in hand, enlisting God's support for the day ahead. He is Dr Tom Catena, and he is the only surgeon in the only hospital serving a...

Global Human Rights Screenings Shine a Light on Sudan Genocide

The Heart of Nuba will be screened on all seven continents beginning this week in observance of the United Nations Genocide Prevention Day on December 9 and Human Rights Day on December 10. Select screenings will include a virtual reality experience that affords...