The Heart of Nuba Awarded at Cinema for Peace in Berlin

On Februrary 11 The Heart of Nuba was honored with the Most Valuable Documentary Award at Cinema for Peace in Berlin on February 11. Katrina Carlson performed the film’s song “Bloom” for the audience. As an extra blessing, Dr. Tom was able to join us and accept the award onstage with Director Kenneth A. Carlson. What an evening.

Attendees and presenters at this year’s awards and Cinema for Peace Gala included Catherine Deneuve, Bob Geldof, Faye Dunaway, Charlize Theron, Chinese artist and activist Ai Wei Wei, former President of Poland and Nobel laureate Lech Walesa, as well as leading European politicians and leaders.

Here is a bit of background on this amazing organization:

“For 17 years, Cinema for Peace has been using the medium of film to influence the perception and resolution of social, political and humanitarian challenges around the world. The Cinema for Peace Gala is an award platform for socially and politically valuable films, and a fundraising event that supports humanitarian initiatives. Cinema for Peace has initiated more than 100 projects, among them Sean Penn’s Help Haiti Home fundraising platform.

“Since 2008, our Berlin-based non-profit Cinema for Peace Foundation has run initiatives including free film screenings in politically and socially relevant areas, an educational film library for school students, support for filmmakers, community outreach projects, and peace work. Our partners have included United Nations programs and the International Criminal Court.”

We are so honored to be recognized by this group of visionaries and luminaries. Please enjoy the photos below, with Dr. Tom, Kenneth and Katrina Carlson, and Jaka Bizilj, founder of Cinema for Peace and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cinema for Peace Foundation.