America Magazine: Dr. Tom in the Role of Religion in his Work

In a moving first-person article for America Magazine, Dr. Tom Catena talks about his work at Mother of Mercy Hospital, and the role that his religion has played in his decision to stay when others were evacuating, and how he deals with the pain and suffering he encounters on a daily basis. 

“Our Catholic faith teaches us that we are not the authors of life and death and that in humility we have to accept that it is not us but our good Lord who gives and sustains life. The people in the Nuba Mountains have an innate sense of the divine that we who live in peaceful, prosperous countries seem to have lost because of our reliance on our own erudition and technology. We are called to a life of humble service and radical reliance on God but not to perfection. We are to allow the immense grace of God to work in our lives…”

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