August 2018: A Message from Dr. Tom

We were so delighted to receive this message from Dr. Tom in August, from “the bush” of the Nuba mountains. Your participation and support has meant so much to him, and to the families of the Nuba mountains. Please continue. If you haven’t yet donated, know that 100% of your donations go to the Mother of Mercy Hospital, for medicines and supplies, and training of new staff.

Click here to donate today. And thank you all, for your vital support of Dr. Tom’s work. 

Dear Friends —
We are finally getting a good rain now so there is hope for a decent harvest.  People are really in bad shape now as this is the time of the ‘hunger gap’ – the period after last year’s food has run out and before they harvest any of the new crop.
Suffice it to say, without the support of  Take Heart Foundation and AMHF, the Mother of Mercy Hospital would not be open now.  These two groups are paying for the salaries of all the staff (230 plus people) and providing all of the scholarship fees for our 21 staff who are outside for professional training.  
The needs will likely increase this upcoming year as other institutional donors have dropped out to take on other projects.  We have many plans for the future but can’t do anything without financial support.  
Suffice it to say we are extremely grateful for all of your financial support along with prayer support so here’s a sincere thank you from the bush!
Blessings to all,
Dr. Tom (and Nasima)