Dr. James Peck on Volunteering at Mother of Mercy Hospital

One of the gifts that has made it possible for Dr. Tom to travel and inspire others is having new doctors and  surgeons do volunteer stints at Mother of Mercy Hospital, arranged through the long-term supporters of Mother of Mercy at the Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB). 

In September, 2019, Dr. James Peck returned from such a mission, and shared his thoughts with CMMB. Among his words of advice for other volunteers: 

One of your biggest roles you will play will be your role as a teacher. Teach your staff excellent technique, it makes a huge difference. You have to be patient, kind, and very slow.  Remember English is not their first language. Explain exactly what you mean and listen thoughtfully to everyone.

Dr. Tom Catena is an absolute expert at this. He listens to everyone—the nurses, the patients, anyone who needs to be heard. Another piece of advice I’ve carried with me from my very first mission is to just be flexible. You will need to handle uncertainty and as long as you are flexible you will be able to figure it out eventually.

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