Dr. Tom records COVID-19 video message from Sudan for health workers in hometown

Despite having no cell phone service and limited bandwidth available in the Nuba Mountains region of Sudan, Amsterdam native Dr. Tom Catena recorded a video message of solidarity to honor health workers in his home town of Amsterdam, NY during the COVID-19 crisis and commemorate both National Nurses Day, which passed Wednesday, and the upcoming National Hospital Week, which starts Monday.

The city posted Catena’s video to its official YouTube page.

“I just want to send you a message of solidarity from our hospital here in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains to all the health workers there in Amsterdam, New York,” Catena said in the video. “A special shout-out to St. Mary’s Hospital on Guy Park [Avenue], the hospital where I was born and where all my siblings were born. We’re all in this together, no matter where we are, so let’s all hang tough and do the right thing. Thank you so much.”

Dr. Tom graduated from Amsterdam High School in 1982.