“Heroic American Surgeon” Dr. Tom Earns Top Medical Missionary Award

Dr. Tom Catena has been honored with a top medical missionary award, African Mission Healthcare (AMH). Catena will be presented with the Gerson L’Chaim Prize for Outstanding Christian Medical Missionary Service at an awards ceremony in New York City, April 14.

“Dr. Tom Catena has given up everything that we in the U.S. take for granted in order to bring healthcare to more than a million people who, without him, would otherwise not have access to any medical care,” added Mark Gerson, co-founder of AMH and benefactor of the Gerson L’Chaim Prize.

AMH has been supporting mission hospitals in Africa since 2010. It launched the L’Chaim (Hebrew for “to life”) Prize in 2016, which comes with a $500,000 award, the world’s largest annual award of its kind dedicated to direct patient care in Africa.

The $500,000 award will go towards the Nuba 2020 campaign, led by Dr. Tom to raise $7.5 million to keep the only major hospital in Sudan’s war-torn Nuba Mountains fully operational for the next two decades.

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