Sudan After Sanctions

Who is benefiting from the lifting of sanctions by the US?

In October 2017, the United States, citing progress in five key areas made by the Sudanese government, permanently lifted sanctions 20 years of sanctions against the country.

In January and February, 2018, the US Institute of Peace ( Washington gathered information on the ground from Sudanese civilians, on the effect of the sanctions being lifted on their lives.

Some of the key points in their recently released report:

“While the lifting of sanctions was welcomed by most Sudanese interviewed for this report, the deteriorating economy, government repression, and failure to resolve Sudan’s multiple conflicts have overshadowed the US overture…

“Many respondents feel disappointed by the limited US action in response to recent government repression and lack confidence that the United States will hold Sudanese authorities accountable for violations of human rights and the rule of law, maintaining presidential term limits in the constitution, and holding credible elections in 2020.”

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