The Kind of Day We Have All Been Waiting For

Ryan Boyette has dedicated his life to reporting on and providing assistance to the people of the Nuba mountains. He recently shared an event on his Facebook page that marked a moment in history for the people of Nuba:

“A historic day in #Sudan . This morning the new Prime Minister of Sudan landed in Kauda of the Nuba Mountains he was met by the leadership of the SPLM-N including Chairman Abdul Aziz and approximately 40,000 people from Nuba. The feeling was extreme joy and happiness and especially hope for the future.

While there is still a lot of work to be done, the people saw this as a giant step forward. The first time that a head of state in Sudan has visited the people of Nuba. Their voice was heard and the message was clear. They want freedom in their country and for all marginalized people of Sudan and they want peace. “As I ponder this day many images rushed into my head. I see the images of the many people that have suffered under the bombings of the previous regime, the people whose homes have been burned down and they had to live in caves for years, and the many children who starved and died and could not go to school. The contrast of those images to the images of joy, cheers, and hope-filled faces that today brought is a true answer to the prayers of the people of Nuba and the prayers of many people throughout the world. Praise God.”