Tom Catena, Aurora Prize Finalist

"Thus far, Sudanese government forces have bombed the facility 11 times. "

Dr. Tom Catena was one of four finalists for the first Aurora Prize, presented last month in Yerevan, Armenia.

The prize was given to Marguerite Barankitse, of Rwanda, “for the extraordinary impact she has had in saving thousands of lives and caring for orphans and refugees during the years of civil war in Burundi.”

As a finalist for the prestigious award, Dr. Tom was featured in an article entitled “One in a Million” in the Aurora Magazine:

“He says time has come for him to give back because he had everything from the moment he was born – a loving family, a great education. It is his sense on duty that has kept him in Kordofan for so long: ‘How can I give up when I see my patients suffering?’ he asks.”

Read the article here.