Happening Now in Sudan

Omar al-Bashir has been the president of Sudan since 1993 (self-appointed), but assumed power in 1989 after he led a military coup to overthrow the sitting government. He has been indicted by the International Criminal Court on five counts of crimes against humanity (murder, extermination, forcible transfer, torture, and rape), two counts of war crimes, and three counts of genocide. He is an international war criminal who continues to bomb his own people in an active attempt to eliminate all non-Arab populations from Sudan.

In 2009, al-Bashir banned all humanitarian aid coming into Sudan, leaving his people starving, sick, dying, and subject to intensifying violence.

Find out what is happening in Sudan today, and what human rights organizations and others are trying to do to stop the genocide.

Enough Project: How Insiders Violently Privatized Sudan’s Wealth

Enough Project has issued a new report entitled "Sudan’s Deep State: How Insiders Violently Privatized Sudan’s Wealth, and How to Respond." Sudan's government, it says, "is a violent kleptocracy, a system of misrule characterized by state capture and...

Everything to know about sanctions in Sudan

Shortly before leaving office, President Obama announced a plan to ease sanctions against Sudan, citing “improvements” in key areas, such as humanitarian access and counterterrorism. The international human rights community has responded with perplexity and outrage,...

Amnesty’s Adotei Akwei

“People are for the most part decent and want to do the right thing,” says Adotei Akwei. He should know. As the Managing Director for Government Relations at Amnesty International USA, getting people to do the right thing is his job. Adotei was born in Ghana. His...